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Investing in Iowa

What is BootShot Investments, LLC

Bootshot Investments LLC is a partnership between Clear Path Property Solutions, LLC and Rehab Inc. Gustavo and Ryan decided to partner up to accomplish more deals and spread the load of both growing real estate companies. 

What you might not know about IOWA!

#1 PRODUCER of Eggs, Corn, Soybeans and Pork (USDA 2016)

#3 BEST Ran State in the Nation (27/7 Wall Street, 2016)   

#6 BEST place to live and work (Forbes, 2016)     

80 Insurance Companies Headquartered in Iowa (Iowa Insurance Division)   

$31.2 Billion contributed from Iowa’s largest industry sector – Advanced Manufacturing (BEA 2015)  

Iowa's Impact

When looking at different markets, there are several outside factors we look at in order to determine if it is a place we want to do business. Des Moines, Iowa has one of the strongest markets based off these very common factors that savvy Investors use.      

GMP (Gross Metro Product) – $42.2 Billion   

HAI (Housing Affordability Index) – 2.82 

Median home price vs Median Income. Under 3% is best   

Rent to Price Ratio – 16.95 

10+ is good  social economic anchors   

Industry - Insurance, Health Care, Agribusiness, Financial Services, Publishing, Manufacturing   

Major Employers - Principal Financial Group, Meredith Corp, Ruan Transportation, EMC Insurance, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield     

Taking these outside factors into consideration, along with the fact that Iowa’s business costs are 18% below the national average, economic growth has outpaced the U.S. as a whole by 68% since 2010 and the average commute is only 20 minutes…meaning that neighborhoods are very close to jobs…Des Moines, Iowa is a very wise place to invest.   


We are a group of professional real estate investors and we would like to introduce you to methods that give you greater control over your investments and safely make them grow at two to five times your current rate. 

Does this sound too good to be true? 

Well, the truth is, it is not. Many private investors just like you are currently enjoying these rates of return with minimum or no risk. Smart investors have been utilizing this investment opportunity for years. In fact, there have been entire companies built around this strategy. This is a very safe investment that produces high rates of return while at the same time provides higher level of security and liquidity. You’ve seen how unsure and volatile the stock market can be. 

Do you want your future to be controlled by the events that take place on the other side of the globe?

Well, maybe it’s time to consider alternatives… 

Private Loans Secured by a Mortgage 

So, what is a Private Loan? 

It is a loan made to a Real Estate Investor that is secured by real estate. Private Loan Investors are given a first or second mortgage that secures their legal interest in the property and secures their investment. We are not talking about high Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios the banks and loan institutions make on homes. We offer very low LTV ratios to our Private Lenders to increase security of the loan. Our standard LTV ratios are under 75% of the value of the property securing the loan and frequently as low as 60% to 68%. This means additional security on the investment. 

For example, if a property is valued at $100,000, our Private Lender will never be asked to loan more than $75,000 dollars on the property. That’s a 75% loan-to-value ratio. This is obvious a much safer approach from that taken by conventional lenders. These banks get into trouble because they make loans at an 85%, 90%, or even 100% loan-to-value ratio leaving them no equity for transfer costs, if they are ever forced into a position where they have to take back the collateral property. You, as a lender, will never lend more than 75% LTV. As a lender, it is in your best interest to minimize risk and maximize return and this is why a loan should never be made without a 25% safety net. We don’t violate this rule, because your security is at stake. 

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